SAIS since 1941 vegetables quality seeds

S.A.I.S. Sementi is an Italian seed company, established in Cesena in 1941 and committed in the breeding, selection, production and marketing of vegetable and herbs seeds, with a specialized focus on species characteristic of the mediterranean tradition, especially for indeterminate tomato, sweet and hot pepper, eggplant and basil.

Reliability, research and innovation are the perfect combination in S.A.I.S., which has all the phases of its work cycle, starting from the activity of breeding and research and production, through the activity of selection and packaging, up to marketing, sales and distribution.

S.A.I.S. markets, through the line a “Il Buon Seme”, professional seeds by weight for direct sowing and seeds for the hobby garden segment, while with the line “Sais Professionale” professional seed by number, intended in particular for nurseries and professional horticulture.